15 Creative Mouthguard Designs

15 Creative Mouthguard Designs

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  • Post last modified:14 January 2022
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In terms of your dental health, it’s vital to ensure you choose a mouthguard that will keep you safe and protected as you play sports. Custom made mouth guards made by a professional technician are the best way to keep your teeth safe when wearing braces. This is just as important for kids as it is for adults, if not more so. But what about mouthguard designs?

However, there’s no reason why your mouthguard has to be purely functional. As long as it offers the protection needed, there’s no reason why your mouthguard can’t also look great and have a creative design of some kind. Here are 15 examples of creative mouthguard designs that might work for you.

1. Pro Sports-Team Inspired Mouthguards

Lots of people choose mouth guards that are inspired in one way or another by professional sports teams. You could choose the logo or colour theme of your favourite team in the sporting niche you love most.

Gold Coast Suns AFL inspired teeth protector

2. Black with Raging Flames

If you’re looking for a design that’ll really catch the eye and make you stand out, this black design with raging flames will do the job for you. It brings some fiery style that you might be looking for.

Mouthguard with flames

3. Printed Teeth Mouthguard Designs

You’re protecting your teeth, so why not have some fun with a mouthguard design that plays on that fact. You can get a vampire fang design or other teeth designs that look really cool when in use.

Mouthguard with teeth

4. Translucent Colors

Rather than opting for a solid block colour, you could choose a translucent colour instead. Translucent mouth guards offer colour whilst not looking as boring as conventionally coloured mouth guards. There are lots of options available and they can look great.

Translucent blue design

5. Sports Signs and Symbols

Some people look for mouth guards that represent the sport they’re playing in one way or another. There are options that display the ball or equipment used in the sport on the surface of the mouthguard.

Motorsport inspired design

6. Mouthguard Designs Featuring National Flags

If you want to display your national pride via your mouthguard, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do that. Lots of people choose to have their national flag printed on their mouth guards in a variety of ways.

Australian flag mouthguard

7. Slogans and Phrases

It’s also possible to have writing and words printed on your new mouthguard. Maybe there’s a slogan or a phrase that’s important to you. If so, why not make it part of your mouthguard design?

Slogan mouthguard design

8. Superhero-Inspired Designs

No one can deny the importance of superheroes to modern popular culture. And now you can make them part of your mouth guard. It’s easy to find designs with Batman or Superman logos, or whatever superhero design you desire.

Batman mouthguard

9. Tiger or Leopard Print Designs

Tiger or leopard print designs can look great as well and this is an option that many people choose when they want something that communicates their wild side when they’re out on the field of play.

Leopard print mouthguard

10. The Mo Design from Safejawz

Safejawz produce some great mouthguard designs and if you’re looking for something a little fun and quirky, the Mo design that displays a small moustache fits the bill perfectly. It’s fun, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Moustache mouthgard design

11. Multicoloured Madness

If you want a mouthguard design that goes the extra mile in terms of colour, a multicoloured madness design could be what you’re looking for. This is when various colours are swirled together to create interesting and unique patterns.

Multi-coloured mouthguard

12. Striped Mouthguard Designs

A striped design could be a great solution if it combines colours in a way that you find aesthetically pleasing. You can choose which colours you want to use and how they’re combined.

Striped design

13. Team Mouthguard Designs

If you have a sports team and you want your mouthguard to match your team’s uniform, that’s something that might be possible too. Sometimes whole teams can use team-branded mouth guards. It can add to the overall theme of the team uniforms.

Team mouthguard design

14. Emoji Mouthguard Designs

We all know the popularity of emojis and their importance on social media, so if you’re looking for a mouthguard that’ll satisfy your child, choosing one with an emoji design might be the way to go. There are lots of options out there.

Emoji mouthguard design

15. Your Own Creative Custom Mouthguard Design

Of course, you can always go your own way and coming up with your individual custom designed mouthguard that achieves the look that shows off your personality.

As you can see, there are lots of creative designs that you can choose from when the time comes for you to buy yourself a new mouthguard. Get creative and choose something a little more impressive than the generic shop bought mouth guards.