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The Reality Of “Fast” Orthodontics Treatment

What is “fast” orthodontic treatment?

Short term or “fast orthodontics” has become a popular marketing strategy for a number of practitioners in recent times.

Using the term “fast” orthodontics suggests you can reduce your treatment time significantly by choosing the advertised type of braces, aligner system or a specific type of tool/appliance.

There are specific appliances being sold also claiming results can be reached in under a year or even within 6 months using home based accelerator devices that administer micropulses every day for 20 minutes.

Who is fast orthodontics designed for?

“Fast” orthodontic treatments are designed for people who are not looking for a complete orthodontic treatment.

This shortening type of treatment is designed to entice people who have simple orthodontic challenges like mild crowding and minimal overjet, and who are not looking for bite correction and posterior teeth movement.

“Will my “fast” treatment give me a comprehensive orthodontic treatment or will it cost me more in the long run?”

This type of fast orthodontics appeals to people who want a cheaper “fix” and “faster” solution to general orthodontics, however the implications of these short treatments may not be fully disclosed or presented at the time of consultation.

What are the benefits of “fast” orthodontic treatment?

In the beginning, the thought of “fast” orthodontic treatment may look like a big benefit by saving you money and time, however the question is “what do you get for this fast treatment”?

Another benefit may be the promise of having your braces removed within 12 months.

But ask yourself these key questions…

  • Will my bite be correct and do my teeth feel comfortable when biting down?
  • Do any of my teeth catch when I am eating?
  • Do the upper and lower teeth collide when speaking?
  • How will my teeth stay in place when my braces are removed?
  • Is there after care included in the price?
  • Will I have to pay for every visit after my braces have come off?
  • Will everything be included in the price and can that shortened treatment correct all of my teeth properly?
  • Will my “fast” treatment give me a comprehensive orthodontic treatment or will it cost me more in the long run?

Consider a full comprehensive orthodontic treatment, as the benefits of full treatment can give you the confidence that you have chosen the best for your future and your smile.

Fast orthodontics braces

What are the drawbacks of “fast” orthodontics?

Some adverse dental issues can occur when trying to move teeth too quickly through “fast” orthodontic treatment.

1. Root Absorption

This is when the tooth root length lessens and gum recession occurs where the gum shrinks exposing more of the tooth surface.

Jaw and bite don’t aligning which can cause pain in the jaw in the long term and can cause tooth erosion through wear and tear of not fitting together correctly.

2. No guarantees of future treatment required

Another drawback is that at end of your “fast” orthodontic treatment there’s no guarantee that you won’t need more treatment!

You might find the treatment isn’t thorough enough and you haven’t achieved the desired result.

3. Increase long-term cost

In addition there may be more orthodontic challenges that appear which need to be additionally treated.

It may even cost you more in the long run than proper comprehensive treatment would have.

Does “fast” orthodontics actually work?

Most interestingly, Orthodontics Australia issued a stern consumer warning about the dangers of so called “fast” orthodontic treatments.

As part of this statement they said…

“Australians need to be aware that the claims of ‘advanced’ and ‘revolutionary’ technology associated with short-term braces are misleading and completely lacking in any scientific proof.”

Why we don’t provide “fast” orthodontic treatments

When choosing the right orthodontic treatment the best choice is always to see a specialist orthodontist.

Wilkinson Orthodontics takes a personalised approach to each individual, treating their case in response to their specific orthodontic needs.

We specialise in developing an itemised and concise treatment plan that can be changed and manipulated throughout treatment maneuvering with precision to an outstanding end result.

“Careful consideration is required when moving teeth, and following due process always needs to be a focal point, not rushing to the end and by skipping important steps.”

We choose to follow best practice by involving the patient, developing a relationship through rapport for a sense of inclusion.

This level of professionalism provides a safety net for the patient furthering trust and the feeling of confidence with the chosen orthodontist.

At the end of the day careful consideration is required when moving teeth, and following due process always needs to be a focal point, not rushing to the end and by skipping important steps.

Teeth will move at their own pace as we are dealing with a complex oral system that cannot be pushed without causing damage. 

Wilkinson Orthodontics places importance on the treatment with the science of orthodontics, ensuring the best final result is using best practice by reducing risks associated with forcing teeth to move too quickly.

The best choice is avoiding the latest fads and ambiguous statements involving the outcome and completion of treatment, but knowing you are being looked after in the safety of a professional specialist who will consider your personal needs every step of the way without rushing to the end.


Rather than looking for a “quick” solution for your orthodontic needs, invest time instead in looking for the “right” orthodontist.

Someone who is confident in the science of orthodontics and values the inclusion of the individual patient.

Someone who will include the complete orthodontic treatment, including jaw and bite alignment and passive retention once the braces are removed to keep the teeth exactly where they should be.

Look for quality not a quick fix.

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