Can Adults Get Braces?
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Can Adults Get Braces?

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Orthodontics is not just for teenagers or children. It is never too late in life for adults to get their teeth fixed.

No matter what your age, you can get your smile straightened out through orthodontic treatment.

Why Do Adults Need Braces?

Currently, it’s estimated that around 20% of orthodontic patients are over the age of 18, but as a child, it is up to the parents to pay for treatment options.

Depending on the family’s budget, orthodontic treatment may be put off in favour of after-school classes and activities or other expenses.

Many adults were unable to get treatment as a child, so they still suffer from dental disorders.

You may have problems with an under bite, a crooked smile, an overbite or incorrect jaw position.

If these problems are not treated, it can end up causing tooth decay, premature tooth wear and tooth loss. In addition, you may have chewing problems, headaches, gum disease, biting problems or earaches.

Adults can generally receive the same benefits from orthodontic treatment as children do. Since an adult’s mouth has stopped growing, the treatment may take longer to work and therefore be more complex.

Afterward, it is important to undertake an appropriate retention program to ensure that the results do not relapse.

Fixing a Shifting Smile

Teeth can move at any age. A sudden injury, growth or a medical condition can cause your smile to become crooked or overcrowded. Due to this, individuals who had braces as a child may have to have them again as an adult. This is especially true if you previously had a retainer, but you forgot to wear it regularly over the last few years.

Adults can generally receive the same benefits from orthodontic treatment as children do.

By getting your smile aligned correctly, you decrease the chances that food and plaque will build up between your teeth. If these issues are not fixed, you could end up with gum disease, chronic facial discomfort, tooth decay, worn tooth enamel or gum disease. In addition, an improper bite can make it harder to chew food properly. This can end up causing gastrointestinal problems. When your smile is not aligned properly, it can lead to severe health problems down the road.

Orthodontic Treatments Are Cheaper and Better Today

Over the years, dental treatments have evolved to be less noticeable. There are smaller brackets and clear options that blend in with the natural colours of the mouth.

New developments have made it possible to minimise food restrictions, and these new brackets are often more comfortable than their predecessors. Best of all, going to the orthodontist today is cheaper than it used to be.

No matter how old you are, you can still get a beautiful smile. Braces can help you fix a crooked smile or crowded mouth in a short amount of time.