How Many People on the Gold Coast Get Braces Each Year

How Many People on the Gold Coast Get Braces Each Year

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Dental braces have been used for many years to help fix misaligned teeth. Although they’re commonly used by younger people to align teeth, they can also be used by adults who are concerned about the alignment of their teeth too. In fact it’s actually more common than you might think for people on the Gold Coast to use braces.

Having perfectly aligned teeth is fantastic for cosmetic and functional purposes which can improve your self-confidence.  

How many people in Australia have braces?

As of now, there are currently over 300,000 people in Australia that use braces, with around a quarter of these people being adults over the aged of 19.

We can safely say then that thousands of people get braces added to their teeth for cosmetic and functional reasons each year.

People on the Gold Coast with braces

This is a fairly large number of people and on the Gold Coast alone, we can expect hundreds of people to visit their orthodontist each year in order to fix their misaligned teeth.

This is because braces are seen as the most straightforward way to deal with misaligned teeth and unlike many dental treatment orthodontic braces can be removed after the treatment has concluded.

Braces are for all ages, not just kids

There’s a common misconception that braces are only used by young people, but this simply isn’t true and there are many adults that are also using braces to fix misaligned teeth.

On the Gold Coast alone, there are dozens of adults visiting their orthodontist each year so that they can fix the alignment of their teeth.

Perhaps they didn’t wear braces when they were younger or perhaps the appearance of wisdom teeth has slowly caused their teeth to move out of alignment.

If this is the case, then there’s a good chance that they’ve only decided to have braces applied once they reached adulthood.

Similarly, as more and more people discover that braces can be a relatively painless and inexpensive way to fix misaligned teeth, it’s become more common to use them as opposed to not obtaining that perfect smile at all.

Why do adults get braces?

When adults decide to look into orthodontic treatment, there are a wide variety of motivating factors pushing them towards that decision.

General self confidence

Self-confidence is almost always a factor when choosing braces as an adult.

The patient may be feeling self-conscious about how their teeth look when they smile, or the poor alignment of their teeth and jaw may be causing a functional impediment that they want to resolve.

This is a fairly large number of people and on the Gold Coast alone, we can expect hundreds of people to visit their orthodontist each year in order to fix their misaligned teeth.

All of these things can contribute to a feeling of lowered self confidence and are common reasons why adults choose to get braces.

Difficulty speaking

If the teeth and jaw are poorly aligned this can cause speech impediments because it’s physically difficult to form the sounds required to pronounce words correctly.

Difficulty eating

Girl eating a sandwich
If your teeth or jaw are in the wrong position, just eating simple things could be quite painful.

Adults may have had no problem eating when they were younger, but as they’ve aged the alignment of teeth or the position of the jaw has made eating difficult or painful in some circumstances.

Health issues

The patient may be attempting to resolve an ongoing health issue which is associated with poorly aligned teeth leading to sleeping with your mouth open, jaw pain when chewing or wearing teeth out because of bite problems.

Orthodontic treatment can assist in conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding), or even sleep apnea brought on by the position of the jaw while sleeping which can obstruct the airway.

Sleep apnea in particular can have significant health implications if left untreated and so the motivation to assist the condition can often become stronger as we get older to ensure we’re enjoying life for as long as possible.

Some final thoughts

As you can see, braces aren’t just for children. More and more people are getting braces each year and we suspect that hundreds of people will choose braces as their procedure of choice to fix misaligned teeth here on the Gold Coast.

There are already dozens of people that are either considering the idea of Orthodontic treatment or have already booked an appointment with their Orthodontist for a consultation.

So if you want to fix your misaligned teeth on the Gold Coast, then speak to us today and join dozens of people who are opting to use braces.