How Straight Teeth Improve Confidence In Adults

How Straight Teeth Improve Confidence In Adults

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  • Post last modified:19 January 2022
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Are you unhappy with your teeth? Have you ever caught someone staring at them in a social situation?

Do you smile with your mouth closed in photos because you’re embarrassed?

Studies have shown that there’s a connection between a persons smile and their social attitude in life.

Having straight teeth can affect your self-image, confidence, which in turn may affect your confidence at work and relationships that you maintain.

So if you answered yes to any of the questions above, then maybe it’s time to consider investing in your smile; and if you’re not already convinced, here are some more reasons why!

1. More smiles equal less frown lines!

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, you’re not going to show them off every time you smile, right?

Confident smiling adults
Portrait Of Smiling Mother Hugging Adult Daughter Outdoors In Summer Park

Straight teeth will improve your confidence, allow you to show off your beautiful smile and feel comfortable in doing so. It may reduce frown lines, which is a win-win if you ask us!

2. Smiling induces happiness and decreases stress levels!

Studies have found that smiling actually elicits positive emotions, so the more you smile, the happier you’ll feel!

It has also been found that people who smile more are less stressed and less likely to suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you have crooked teeth and are embarrassed to smile, this could be affecting your self-esteem!

3. Straight teeth allows for clearer speech!

Have you ever given a speech or presentation and fumbled over words?

In order for speech to be clear, your jaw, bite and teeth all need to be aligned correctly.

Studies have shown that there’s a connection between a persons smile and their social attitude in life.

If even ONE of these aspects is misaligned, it can hinder your ability to speak clearly.

Having straight teeth allows your speech to be unobstructed and whether at work or school, you’ll always be presenting at your best!

4. Straight teeth will affect your experience at work!

Researchers have found that employees who are emotionally happy perform better than those who are unhappy in work environments.

If you’re self-conscious and unhappy about your smile, you may not feel as confident, to your full potential in the work place.

Smiling man at work

Having straight teeth can lead to greater confidence and a positive sense of self-image, which overall leads to happiness! So having straight teeth really does impact your experience at work!

5. Having straight teeth may improve your social confidence!

One of the determining factors behind great social skills is confidence! If you lack confidence because of your smile, this could be impacting your social confidence.

Having straight teeth gives you confidence and a sense of peace of mind in social situations, so instead of shying away from conversation, you’ll be starting them!

Happy people are attracted to happy people, so if your smile is making you unhappy, then it’s time to do something about it!

Woman smiling straight teeth

Having straight teeth can have a major impact on your happiness, stress levels, performance at work and your social life!

So if you’re unhappy with your smile, it’s time to do something about it.

Investing in your happiness is always something we’re happy to help with, so check out our Braces, Invisalign® aligners and Incognito treatments on our website for more information on how you can realign your teeth and improve your confidence!