How To Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear

How To Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear

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A visit to the dentist can be something some children do not look forward to and even have apprehension about. There is a tendency for children to fear the unknown or something that they do not understand if they have not experienced it before. 

Crying child

Parents who place value on reassuring their children can assist in removing the resistant feeling about heading to the dentist. Parents play a crucial role in changing how their children feel about seeing a dental professional weather it is a dentist, a hygienist or orthodontist. Establishing confidence towards dental appointments early on can have a positive impact for the rest of their lives.

Create positive associations

Helping your children by getting them excited and involved, by talking about what to expect and perhaps even showing them a picture of the practice they will attend. Being involved in the dental process with your children will help create a confident dental patient.  Another way to encourage them is to explain the importance of good dental health. Once the adult teeth have come through, this is the only set of teeth they will have for the rest of their lives.

Attend regular appointments

Attending regular routine dental appointments is vital in maintaining optimal oral health, and it is important to start at an early stage in the child’s life. These regular appointments install a positive habit in children early on, which leads to healthy dental routines into adulthood.

During these regular visits initial diagnosis of a misaligned jaw can be identified, as well as crooked teeth which may require corrective treatment. It is good practice to identify these challenges early allowing time for your child to obtain professional advice and treatment.

Establishing confidence towards dental appointments early on can have a positive impact for the rest of their lives.

Generally children start seeing an orthodontist at around age and maybe even earlier if your dentist advises you too. However, you do not need a referral from your dentist to see an orthodontist. Simply call and make a booking if you have concerns.

Children and teens may feel the same

Children and teens may often have the same apprehension seeing an Orthodontist as they would seeing a dentist, however, the good news is that seeing an orthodontist for the first time is very easy.

The first consultation with an orthodontist is only an examination; looking at the teeth and nothing invasive.

Even starting treatment is an easy process; having braces fitted takes about 45 minutes where the braces are glued on by the Orthodontist using dental cement.

Once the braces are fitted an arch will be placed through each braces joining all of the teeth.

There may also be placement of a runner chain and modules. None of this process will hurt, however there may be a bit of pressure during the application process which can cause slight discomfort. 

The regular adjustment appointments after braces have been fitted are easy as well, usually lasting only 15 minutes.

The process during these appointments normally consists of changing the arch wire or chain or maybe even repositions a bracket on the teeth. None of these processes are painful either.


Seeing an Orthodontist may make children uneasy as they do not know what to expect or how the appointment will affect them. The great news is that most appointment are simple and quick and children leave the appointments smiling and surprised at how easy the appointment was.

Don’t hold off seeing the Orthodontist because you think your child is apprehensive. You will be surprised at how simple and easy the experience is.