Orthodontics Is About More Than Just Straight Teeth

Orthodontics Is About More Than Just Straight Teeth

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  • Post last modified:19 January 2022
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Everybody wants a winning smile, and orthodontics is one of the most common ways to achieve it. A number of orthodontic appliances can be used to correct irregularities with the jaw or teeth. While straightening the teeth is the most common reason for using braces and other appliances, especially during our teen years, there are many other incentives to consider.

Ultimately, orthodontic treatment doesn’t only improve the straightness of your teeth, it enhances your quality of life. Here’s why:

Improved Oral Health

While most people consider orthodontic appliances to be used primarily for aesthetic benefits, orthodontists often suggest them due to the potential benefits for oral health.

First and foremost, orthodontic appliances can be used to correct overbites and other bite-related issues.

This can reduce the likelihood of minor injuries sustained from biting your gums or tongue while also preventing ongoing damage caused by grinding your teeth.

Correcting the misalignment will also protect prominent teeth, especially when the problematic teeth sit at an awkward angle or put pressure on the adjacent teeth.

Straighter teeth are also easier to clean for ongoing health.

Enhanced Facial Shape

Orthodontic appliances won’t only straighten the teeth. They can also promote a more natural and fuller shape of the jaw.

This will enhance the natural shape of the face for truly huge rewards.

It is very common for the jawline to become impacted by absent teeth or teeth where the roots aren’t in a natural position.

The troubles associated with these conditions aren’t limited to appearances, either, and can potentially lead to ongoing pain and discomfort.

The harsh reality is that leaving the jawline untreated can encourage the damage to escalate over the years.

Conversely, orthodontic corrections will provide a stronger foundation for life. Given that the jawline supports the teeth too, getting this wrong isn’t an option.

Improved Speech

The condition of your mouth influences far more than the look of your smile. It impacts everything from the way we eat to the way we talk.

However, you may not even notice the potential problems until they have been corrected.

Teeth that are badly positioned may affect your tongue’s range of movement while sounds may also whistle through the gaps between the teeth.

“Orthodontic treatment doesn’t only improve the straightness of your teeth, it enhances your quality of life.”

These issues can influence the sound of your vocalisation, even when you cannot notice the difference.

Straighter teeth will allow you to speak in a completely natural manner, which will aid daily communications at work and in leisure.

Better Sleep Patterns

It’s crazy to think that the straightness of your teeth can impact your sleep patterns, but they can.

For starters, any discomfort or pain felt in the mouth is likely to keep you up at night.

Moreover, if the tongue needs to twist or curl itself due to the positioning of the teeth, it can partially block the airway.

While it’s not going to suffocate you, the partial obstruction may increase the chances of sleep apnea or other issues that’ll wake you up in the middle of the night.

Correcting your teeth and jawline alignment won’t suddenly fix all sleep-related issues, but it’ll certainly aid your overall quality of sleep.

This should boost your energy levels with immediate and ongoing benefits too.

Increased Confidence

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit gained from using orthodontic appliances relates to the increased confidence.

Looking good makes you feel good, and a winning smile will go a long way to helping you experience this first hand.

In addition to those conscious confidence boosts, you’ll also gain the subconscious benefits gained from the physical changes to your speech and daily lifestyle.

In turn, this added self-assurance can improve everything from your job prospects to existing and future relationships.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to state that a life of satisfaction begins with a winning smile.

If orthodontics can help you achieve it, you’d be a fool to miss out any longer.

Live Longer

Aside from enhancing the quality of your life in many different aspects, orthodontic treatments may also be the key to helping you live longer.

Many conditions, including life-threatening diseases can emanate from poor oral health or conditioning.

Misaligned teeth, missing teeth, and incorrect biting all make it more difficult to stay on top of the task at hand.

Likewise, it can add difficulty in identifying any problems.

Good oral health isn’t a one-way ticket to a long and fulfilling life, but it is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for success.