Sports and Wearing Braces

Sports and Wearing Braces

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  • Post last modified:20 January 2022
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If you love playing sport then you want to know how to protect your teeth. But what if you’re already wearing braces? Will all that stuff fit in your mouth? Today we’re going to fully explore the reality of playing sports and wearing braces.

If you play sports, it is important that wear a mouth guard whether you have braces on or not, because it is important to protect your teeth. 

A protective mouth guard is recommended for playing sports such as soccer, football and any contact sports.

What if you have an impact while playing sport?

In case of any accident involving your face, check your mouth and your appliances immediately. 

If any of your teeth are loosened or your appliances are damaged, please call and schedule an appointment with either of our Gold Coast Orthodontic offices. 

“During the warmer months, there is always an increase in outdoor activities and a greater chance of kids damaging their mouths and teeth.”

Call our team and arrange an appointment for a quick assessment after your sporting incident.

Our qualified specialist Orthodontists will make sure your braces are comfortable and advise if you require further treatment.

Avoid oral injury during sport

You might think playing sports and wearing braces with a mouthguard might be impossible because you’re already got a mouth full of braces, taking up most of the real estate in your mouth.

The good news is that not only is it possible to wear a mouthguard with braces, it’s also quite common for people to wear both comfortably.

So how does it all work?

The reality is actually quite simple.

Custom mouthguards with braces

Your Orthodontic Team will take a mould of your teeth to make a custom mouthguard for you, which will take into account any additional elements like your brackets, wires, and elastics you have in place.

The dental laboratory technician will customise your mouthguard with additional room for your teeth and braces to move.

Over the counter mouthguards are not recommended because they provide inferior protection compared to custom mouthguards.

This means that when you insert the custom made mouthguard, it’ll fit perfectly around your teeth and any orthodontic appliances as well.

As you visit your Orthodontist and adjustment is made to your braces, your teeth will move in very small increments, even though these movements are small, your mouthguard will still need to accommodate for these changes.

Room for movement is something an over the counter mouthguard simply cannot do.

Over the counter mouthguards with braces

Over the counter mouthguards are not recommended because they provide inferior protection compared to custom mouthguards.

This is an important factor whether you have braces or not, but if you’re in the middle of treatment then protecting your mouth is of paramount importance.


Talk to your orthodontist about the types of sports you’re playing and they can give you some advice and options about the most appropriate protection for your teeth and braces.