Top 5 Foods That Ruin Braces

Top 5 Foods That Ruin Braces

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One of the problems with getting orthodontics is that you have to change your diet. Sticky foods and lollies can cause damage that requires an additional trip to the orthodontist to get them fixed. Other foods can get stuck in the braces and cause tooth decay.

By avoiding certain foods and brushing immediately after eating, you can ensure that your braces last for as long as possible.

If you have any type of orthodontics, you should avoid the following foods because without proper care, you can end up damaging wires and popping brackets.

1. Always Avoid Bubblegum or chewing gum

Gum is a naturally sticky substance and while its rubbery texture is a part of gum’s appeal, it is not ideal for braces and can easily get stuck between the wires in your mouth.

In the best case scenario, you will end up spending hours with your toothbrush to dislodge the gum. Gum can also pull out brackets and loosen the metal in your mouth, so avoid it at all costs.

2. Skip Out on the Popcorn

Popcorn may be delicious, but the husks can cause problems in your mouth.These hulls can get stuck in hard to reach spots, which contributes to tooth decay.

If you are able to find a husk-less popcorn, you can eat popcorn occasionally. Otherwise, you need to avoid it as much as possible.

3. Corn on the Cob Is Not Designed for Your Mouth

Corn is a delicious, nutritious addition to your diet. Eating regular corn is perfectly fine, but corn on the cob is on the list of foods that you should not eat.

When you bite into the cob, it can cause the brackets and wires to become loose and dislodged. At the very least, the corn will end up getting stuck in your braces and could contribute to tooth decay.

4. Cut Your Apples Up

Like corn on the cob, apples require you to take a large bite out of them. This poses a problem for anyone with orthodontic devices.

By avoiding certain foods and brushing immediately after eating, you can ensure that your braces last for as long as possible.

Rather than risk dislodging your braces, you should avoid biting into an apple completely. If you want to enjoy your favourite fruit, try cutting it into smaller pieces before you indulge.

5. Skip Out on the Ice

Sucking on an ice cube or having ice in your drink is never a problem. Individuals who enjoy chewing ice should avoid it until their teeth are back to normal.

Crunching on ice can cause braces to become dislodged and can also break your wires.

Keep in mind that your teeth are more susceptible to decay when you have braces too.


Other than avoiding these foods, you should make sure to brush your teeth after consuming any type of candy or sugary beverage because if you take care of your braces, you will be able to have a beautiful smile in no time.