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Custom Mouthguards

A custom mouthguard is thick, flexible plastic that is custom fit to your teeth, designed to protect your teeth from contact or injury during sporting events or activities. Each custom mouthguard is cast from a plaster model of your teeth and professionally fitted by our amazing orthodontists to ensure maximum comfort.

Importance Of Mouthguards

According to the Australian Dental Association, it is highly recommended that when engaging in sporting activities, physical training or games, that you should wear a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth, lips and nerves from any potential contact. In some sports custom mouthguards are a compulsory accessory at most sporting teams, schools and clubs. The custom-made mouthguard will assist in protecting the braces and soft tissue in case of a physical knock. The inhouse Dental Laboratory at Wilkinson Orthodontic will ensure there is room within the custom-made mouthguard for teeth movement during orthodontic treatment.

Gold Coast Mouthguards

How does it work?

Come in and see one of our wonder clinic team at Wilkinson Orthodontics, where an impression is taken of your teeth. Our inhouse laboratory will creates a plaster mould of your impression, which will then be used to create the mouthguard. There are a lot of exciting colours to choose from to make your personalised mouthguard. From this fist appointment it takes approximately 1 week to issue the mouthguard to you. At this second appointment you’ll be leaving our clinic with a brand new, custom made mouthguard specially designed for your mouth!

Can I wear a mouthguard during orthodontic treatment?

Wilkinson Orthodontics recommends wearing a mouthguards during orthodontic treatment is playing any type of contact sports. Soft tissue in the mouth such as lips and cheeks are more vulnerable to abrasion when physical contact is experienced on the mouth. Mouthguards during orthodontic treatment protect your teeth and the surround soft mouth tissue areas.

How do I care for my mouthguard?

Like anything that you place in your mouth, you need to ensure that it is clean and hygienic. We recommend keeping your custom mouthguard in a mouthguard case that will be provided to you, and soaking it in an antibacterial mouthwash before and after use. If worn for long periods of time, we strongly recommend you brush your mouthguard with a toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure it’s cleanliness and the longevity of it’s plastic. As a hint do not clean your mouthguard in hot or warm water as you may alter the shape.

How much will my mouthguard cost?

There are a few different options for your choice of mouthguards. Please contact our friendly reception team who can go through price and options with you.  

Contact our friendly team about getting custom designed mouthguards for you and/or your children. 


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