What happens when starting orthodontic treatment

What happens when starting orthodontic treatment

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There are various types of braces available and your orthodontist will advise you on the most suitable for your personal needs.

Your orthodontist will also advise you if you require additional treatment prior to treatment commencing.

Most people think there are only braces involved in orthodontic treatment, however in some cases there may also be custom made appliances created as well, that may be worn at the same time or prior to braces being fitted.

These appliances assist in the multifaceted treatment depending on the complexity of the orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontist will explain these additional appliances and their functionality to you as well as explain the processes involved in creating these custom made appliances. 

Not everyone will require additional appliances, however it is always a good idea to be well informed.

The first appointment

At your initial consultation the orthodontist may request specific dental records which consists of taking moulds of the teeth or using a scanning machine to take a 3D image of the teeth.

Along with these 3D moulds the auxiliary staff will take a number of photographs of the face from different angles and photographs of inside the mouth. 

A behind the scene process goes on after the first appointment, which can involve a number of different processes depending on that type of orthodontics treatment is required and what type of braces have been chosen.

One process can consist of the orthodontic laboratory making the appliances if you require them as part of your treatment. Alternatively, if the brace choice is inside braces that are custom moulded to the teeth and fitted on the inside of the teeth.

The custom moulded inside braces are constructed from the scan taken at the first appointment which is sent way to have these braces made.

This process also takes place if you have chosen Invisalign® treatment.

What happens at the appointment when braces are fitted

Generally, fitting braces takes up to 1 hour.

After the braces have been fitted thorough instruction will be given to understand how to look after the braces, what to eat and what to expect after their placement.

Most people think there are only braces involved in orthodontic treatment, however in some cases there may also be custom made appliances created as well

There will be many new sensations and on some occasions there may be discomfort experienced for a short period of time after the braces or appliances have been fitted.

The dental team will provide a bag to take home which will include items like cleaning implements such as intraoral brushes, super floss and specialised soft toothbrush, a booklet detailing  what foods to avoid, pictures instructing the different part of braces, ideal brushing techniques, flossing and pixters plus a number of other items to assist in maintaining the new braces.

Some orthodontist have a very comprehensive website with hints and tips that can assist this transition along with food options that are brace friendly.

Ask your orthodontist for their advice to assist in making the transition as easy as possible.