Why People Get Orthodontics On Their 6 Front Teeth

Why People Get Orthodontics On Their 6 Front Teeth

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Regular trips to the dentist become the norm throughout life, as it’s important to do as much as you can to look after your teeth. Orthodontics deals with the alignment and correction of teeth and jaws that might be out of position.

If you want to get braces fitted, it is important to understand what this treatment involves and how you can go about making the most of it.

Some people will opt for full braces, where they get full orthodontic treatment on the whole mouth.

However, some will prefer to have orthodontic treatment on their six front teeth only.

We’re going to look a little more into this and understand the reasons and benefits behind it.

Why get braces on the 6 front teeth

Sometimes the quickest way to achieve an aesthetic result is to just treat the front 6 teeth.

If you’re seeking just a basic aesthetic finish and not concerned about bite of functionality and you don’t more complex orthodontic issues, your teeth can be aligned and improved simply by treating the front teeth.

The main reason why people often choose to have just their 6 front teeth treated, as opposed to their whole mouth is generally the fact that the work can be done in a shorter time frame, and the cost can be less as well.

What to expect from front teeth orthodontics

Knowing what to expect is an important part of the process of getting braces fitted.

This is really appealing for a lot of people, especially those looking to get the process over and done with as quickly as possible.

When have orthodontic treatment on only your 6 front teeth, you could be looking at a time frame as short as 4 to 10 months!

But what if you mid-line of your teeth is off center?

Beautiful young woman with teeth braces

What if your teeth have been straightened but you cannot bite down properly anymore?

These are concerns that you may not be aware of when you first decide you just want a quick orthodontic solution.

What if you change your mind and you want a full orthodontic treatment half way through the treatment?

Again these things are something to consider before undertaking this type of treatment.

What are the benefits?

As we touched upon earlier, the speed of treatment and the lower cost are both key benefits that people can enjoy when getting orthodontics on their six front teeth.

“Sometimes the quickest way to achieve an aesthetic result is to just treat the front 6 teeth.”

People who opt for this treatment are simply looking for an easier way to improve their smile & don’t require a more intensive treatment to deal with complex orthodontic issues.

Differences compared to full Orthodontic treatment

When seeking a full orthodontic treatment your orthodontist can make detailed adjustments along way, to achieve the optimum result.

This may not be possible when treating the 6 front teeth only because the orthodontist won’t be able to manipulate all of your teeth to achieve the same result.

With a full orthodontic treatment you can chat with your orthodontist along the way discussing the position of each individual tooth and how you would like it to sit.

Your bite may have to change to cater for the new fuller arched smile that has been created.

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You might have a severe overbite, or your teeth may not touch at the front when you bite down.

All of this can be resolved with full orthodontic treatment, but cannot be resolved by only treating the 6 front teeth.

The length of treatment is usually much longer and more intensive, with full orthodontic treatment generally lasting anywhere between 1-3 years.

Who qualifies for treatment on 6 front teeth?

The next thing you need to think about is whether you qualify for getting orthodontics on your front 6 teeth.

You are probably best-suited for this form of treatment if you aren’t experiencing any underlying issues with your jaw, bite, gums, or other problems.

Young man with braces

Braces on the front 6 teeth is generally done for aesthetic purposes only.

If you’re simply looking to improve your smile on a more short-term basis, and you don’t have any deep-rooted problems with misaligned teeth, you are most likely suitable for this treatment.

Consult a professional

Before you choose to undertake any kind of orthodontic treatment, you have to make sure you consult a professional.

You need to know your best options and what the actual health benefit is rather than just how your teeth could look.

They will be able to tell you whether the treatment is right for you, and give an accurate indication on cost and time required for the treatment.