Your Orthodontic Journey

Take a look below at the Orthodontic journey explained in 4 easy to understand steps. Rest assured your friendly team at Wilkinson Orthodontics will be with you every step of the way. Your Treatment Co-ordinator and Doctor will be available to you and your family at any time in the process should you have any queries.ย 

Step 1

To get started, simply contact one of our friendly staff to book in an appointment. At this initial consultation a thorough examination of the face, teeth, gums and bite will be performed. This assessment will then allow the Orthodontist to create a diagnosis for your treatment and establish if you are ready for orthodontic treatment. In some cases, the orthodontist will take a panoramic x-ray (OPG) of your lower face to assess skeletal growth, root configuration and any hidden teeth that may have not come through yet, allowing for a thorough assessment for orthodontic treatment. For children, if early intervention is not required, treatment can wait until the usual timeline which is when the last permanent adult tooth has come through. For adults, we would determine diagnosis and treatment plan for a personalised aesthetic outcome. Your friendly orthodontist will explain in detail treatment options and financial plans associated with each treatment option enabling you to make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment moving forward.

Step 2

Full Orthodontic Records

Prior to having your braces fitted the Orthodontist require a full series of orthodontic records. These records consist of a full mouth panoramic x-ray (OPG) and a Cephalogram x-ray (CEPH). Wilkinson Orthodontics has onsite x-ray facilities at both practices, Helensvale and Benowa, for your convenience. Additionally, a digital three-dimensional scan of your teeth and gums is required and in some case a cast of you teeth and gums is also essential. The cast is made from taking an impression of your upper / lower teeth and gums, this impression is then converted into a plaster mold of your teeth by our onsite dental laboratory which are conveniently located at our Gold Coast Orthodontic practices in Helensvale and Benowa. Lastly a series of photos are taken of your face and inside your mouth.

Step 3

Treatment Commences

Full Fixed Appliances (Braces) are fitted within a one hour appointment. Sitting in the actual dental chair to have your braces fitted only takes about 40-45 minutes, the rest of the time the dental assistant will go over what to expect during treatment, orthodontic adjustments, how to look after your teeth and braces, and what to eat so you donโ€™t accidently break your braces. Visit our helpful Patient Information Hub for advice on Orthodontic care, tutorials, how-to videos, and other helpful information.

Step 4

As you progress along your Orthodontic journey, we may ask to see you for every 4-10 weeks for a review appointment and an Orthodontic adjustment. These appointments range from 15-45 minutes and can vary in type and duration depending on how the treatment is progressing along. During these appointments we will change arch wires, orthodontic chains, place bands, rebond bracket positions and a number of other processes to ensure an effective and speedy Orthodontic result.

Step 5

Removing braces is an easy 75-minute appointment, just sit back in the dental chair and relax while our expert team take off your braces. Once the braces are removed we will fit bonded retainers onto the back of your teeth and take another impression of your teeth, used to make clear removeable retainer which you will wear overnight. Next, we will explain the Orthodontic after care process to provide you with everything you need to know to ensure your teeth remain pristine. We will still see you periodically for reviews to check on both your bonded and removable retainers. We also have a Patient Information Hub on our website which details everything from after care instructions, to tutorials and how-to-videos, even a seasonal soft recipe cookbook.