Tuesday 25th June 2024

Dental Ed

Professional Development Evening

Dental ed
Dinner & Drinks

Join us at Wilkinson Orthodontics Helensvale for our Dental Ed professional development evening on Tuesday, June 25th. We are excited to present an informative lecture by Dr Francesco Mintrone. Please find the details of the lecture below.

Refreshments, including dinner and drinks, featuring a Mexican feast will be served. Additionally, CPD points are accredited as per usual.

Dental Ed 2024

Tuesday 25th June

Enjoy a relaxed night with your peers on Tuesday the 25th of June at 7pm

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At every Wilkinson Orthodontic’s Dental Ed evenings, accrue CPD points. 

Dinner & Drinks

Catered Dinner & Desserts

Enjoy a Mexican feast dinner and desserts as well as an open bar with beer, wine, and soft drinks available.

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Enjoy practical and helpful Dental lectures from distinguished and exclusive lecturers from around the world through Dental Ed.


Dr. Francesco Mintrone began his career as a general dental technician and later specialized as a ceramist in fixed prothesis.
After graduating in Dentistry at the University Of Modena, Italy, he attended several courses on prosthetic dentistry and implant surgery.

He has authored several articles published on international scientific magazines and he lectures nationally and internationally on topics related to implants and natural dentition.

He focuses his professional activity mainly on aesthetics and prosthetic rehabilitation on implants and natural dentition in his private practices in Modena, Italy.

Dr Francesco Mintrone


This comprehensive webinar, titled “Adhesive Dentistry: From Mock-up to Final Cementation,” delves deep into the principles and techniques of esthetic and functional oral rehabilitation using an adhesive approach.

The course begins by emphasizing the significance of esthetic and functional analysis in developing a systematic treatment plan. It underscores the importance of patient assessment, dentition documentation, and accurate diagnosis. Starting with the foundational concepts of esthetic analysis, the course progresses to cover the creation of mock-ups for evaluating the planned rehabilitation.

It further explores the principles of calibrated dental preparation, materials selection, and proper cementation techniques, providing a holistic view of modern dentition rehabilitation using adhesive methods.

By actively participating in this webinar, attendees will expand their knowledge and skillset in the realm of adhesive esthetic rehabilitation. They will gain the expertise needed to provide high-quality, minimally invasive treatment to their patients. The course’s learning objectives cover all essential aspects of the rehabilitation process, from initial patient assessment and diagnostics to final restoration and ongoing maintenance. Participants will acquire practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied in clinical practice, ultimately leading to enhanced patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives


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