Tuesday 28th November 2023

Dental Ed

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Dental ed
Dinner & Drinks

Join us at Wilkinson Orthodontics Helensvale for our Dental Ed professional development evening on Tuesday, September 28th. We are excited to present an informative lecture by Dr. Pascal Magne and Professor Taseer Sulaiman. Please find the details of the lecture below.

Refreshments, including dinner and drinks, will be served. Additionally, CPD points are accredited as per usual.

Dental Ed 2023

Tuesday 28th November

Enjoy a relaxed night with your peers on Tuesday the 28th of November at 6pm

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Dinner & Drinks

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Enjoy a good old fashioned BBQ dinner and desserts as well as open bar with beer, wine and soft drink available.

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Dr. Pascal Magne was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) in 1966. He grew up and followed his primary education in Neuchâtel then moved to Geneva where he graduated in dentistry in 1989 and completed a Doctoral Thesis in 1992.

He taught and continued his postgraduate education in Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry at the University of Geneva until 1997. Awarded with major grants by the Swiss Science Foundation, the Swiss Foundation for Medical-Biological Grants, and the International Association for Dental Research, he spent two years as a full-time research scholar in Biomaterials and Biomechanics at the University of Minnesota between 1997 and 1999.

Back at the University of Geneva, he received his PhD degree in 2002 and served as Senior Lecturer from 1999 to 2004.

Since February 2004, he became Associate Professor at the University of Southern California (USC, Los Angeles) where he also serves as Director of the Center for Esthetic Dentistry. He is the author of the textbook — “Bonded Porcelain Restorations” (Quintessence Publishing, 2002), as well as clinical and research articles on esthetics and adhesive dentistry and is frequently invited to lecture on these topics.


1/2 day Esthetic restorative procedures can only be mastered consistently if both clinician and ceramist are perfectly familiar with the basic principles of natural oral esthetics. Most important criteria have been selected and are presented in the form of a checklist for esthetic restorative success (modified from Belser). This overview of esthetic principles is not limited to simple tooth esthetics, but includes the entire knowledge of gingival esthetics and the final esthetic integration into the frame of the smile, face and – more generally – the individual.

Learning Objectives


Prof. Sulaiman’s is a wet-handed clinician that is passionate about bridging the gap between research of dental materials and clinical application. His research focuses on contemporary restorative procedures and techniques with recent materials that can be evaluated in in-vitro settings, with an emphasis on clinical relevance utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment.

The unique field of biomaterials transcends multiple disciplines in dentistry, making collaboration with other disciplines a vital component of the lab’s mission.


NOT ALL ZIRCONIAS ARE THE SAME!! There have been numerous generations of monolithic zirconia since its introduction as a full contour indirect restorative material in 2010. Manufacturers and researchers hope to develop a zirconia material that combines strength and translucency. This presentation will provide an in-depth overview of the various zirconia generations and what a clinician should know about the mechanical and optical properties of each generation to aid in the selection process when prescribing zirconia restorations. The most recent monolithic zirconia cementing protocols will also be discussed. Finally, what clinical-based evidence on monolithic zirconia restorations has recently been reported in the literature, and can an alternative laboratory survey method provide useful information on zirconia’s current clinical status?

Learning Objectives

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