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Congratulations on completing your treatment! From all of us at Wilkinson Orthodontics we do hope you enjoy your amazing new smile for life! As you can see in the mirror, your new braces consists of wires and brackets which means extra nooks and crannies that need attention as they can trap food and plaque which pose a bit more risk of tooth decay and gum problems. Not to worry though, simply pay attention to what your Doctor advises and please do call in if you have any questions at all. Here are just some basic Orthodontic care tips and tricks. Should you experience any discomfort, pain or have any questions please call us immediately.

Eating With
Your New Braces

When you are wearing braces you will need to pay extra attention to your diet / the food you chew. Foods that can potentially break or pull the brackets off your teeth must be avoided – such as hard, sticky and crunchy foods. It is also important to limit the amount of sugar intake in your diet, as sugar can get in and around the brackets and cause cavities. Here are some foods you may need to substitute below:

Hard Foods

Sticky Foods

Minimise Sugary Foods

*It is also important that you refrain from chewing your pen/nails and opening water bottles with your teeth

Brushing With Braces

A lot of people ask if it’s ok to brush your teeth while wearing braces. The answer is yes and we do recommend you clean and brush your teeth several times a day as it is important to remove all trapped food and plaque from tooth surfaces. 

[ 01 ]

If your Orthodontist has fitted you with elastics, remove them before brushing.

[ 02 ]

Using a fluoride toothpaste and a small soft toothbrush, place your brush at a 45° angle against the gums. Using a small circular motion, gently brush along the gum line where the gums and teeth meet.

[ 03 ]

Spend approximately 10-15 seconds on each tooth before moving onto the next.

[ 04 ]

Gently brush the braces by pressing the toothbrush firmly enough so the bristles spread into the gaps between the wire and tooth. Brush in and around the wires ensuring that you also brush under the wires.

[ 05 ]

In a gentle circular motion brush the inside and outside surfaces of each tooth. For the top bite surfaces, use a firm back and forth motion

[ 06 ]

Spit out excess toothpaste and closely inspect your teeth and braces in the mirror to check they are clean and shiny. (Don’t forget to replace your elastics)

[ 07 ]

Because braces come in unique sizes and shapes for different people, if your Orthodontist or Dental Hygienist has given you specific instructions, always follow their instructions.



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