Incognito vs Regular Braces: What’s the difference?

Incognito vs Regular Braces: What’s the difference?

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The social norms around braces have changed in recent times. Braces are more socially accepted by both adults and children to correct and align their crooked teeth for functional and cosmetic purposes. However one of the lesser-known treatment options available is Incognito braces which are placed on the inside of the teeth instead of the outside of teeth like regular braces. The question then arises, what’s the difference between Incognito vs regular braces, and which should you choose?

Both options will ensure you’re smiling again in no time, but there are a few differences between treatments.

Regular Braces

Regular braces are available in metal, plastic and ceramic and are bonded to the outside surfaces of your teeth by the Orthodontic team.

Coloured elastic mobules are available and give patients an opportunity to customise the look of their braces.

At each appointment, your orthodontist will make adjustments to the brackets and wires until your teeth have been aligned to the optimum point!

Incognito Treatment

Originating from the Latin term incognitus meaning unknown or unseen, Incognito treatment is a totally customised system, hidden from view, with each brace created individually to fit the inside contours of each of your teeth.

Similar to regular braces, Incognito braces system uses an arch wire to straighten your teeth.

However the metal wire and the braces are concealed during the entirety of the treatment as everything is adhered to the inside of your teeth surface.

Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly with Lingual Braces - Belmar Orthodontics

The background of incognito braces

Designed by the minds at 3M™, a custom bracket is robotically crafted just for you to fit closely behind your teeth.

A full mouth scan is taken of your teeth and gums, this is then sent digitally to the team who then use 3M technology to make each brace.

This lingual orthodontic technique allows the same function as traditional braces but hidden behind your teeth allowing you to feel fully confident in your smile, even when wearing braces.

You can even watch your teeth begin to straighten as if by magic as there is nothing obscuring the view of your teeth.

The same rules apply for incognito braces

While a patient must abide by the same regimes for oral hygiene and appliance care as for traditional braces, with Incognito® braces you no longer have to worry about food or debris getting stuck on the outside of your teeth or the likelihood of staining to occur


The most prominent difference between Incognito vs regular braces is visibility.

During your treatment, you will be able to see the regular braces as they are on the outside of your teeth, however you won’t be able to see the incognito treatment as they are hidden behind your teeth.

The most prominent difference between regular braces and Incognito treatment is visibility.

Aside from visibility, both treatments involve the same benefits and disadvantages and are great options for correcting your smile, however there are some things we recommend you keep in mind when undergoing treatment.

  1. Be sure to continue to brush your teeth day and night. It is particularly important to take good care of your teeth while you are undergoing treatment as food and bacteria can be caught between your braces and teeth.
  2. Be careful what you eat! When undergoing Orthodontic treatment, you won’t be able to eat overly sticky or hard food, as they will get caught in your braces and may even cause them to break! Avoiding foods such as toffee, caramel, hard sweets (which you shouldn’t be eating anyway) and other hard foods will make your life a lot easier, and not slow down you orthodontic treatment. No one wants to delay finishing treatment.

Which option is better for me?

When choosing which Orthodontic treatment is best for you, you have to consider your work, lifestyle and habits.

Parents who choose Orthodontic care for their child usually opt for regular outside braces, as their child does not necessarily need a discreet treatment for work and lifestyle purposes.

Adults are more likely to choose a more aesthetic treatment like Incognito, as their lifestyle often calls for more a more discreet approach to treatment.

Luckily we have regular outside braces, Incognito and other options are available to suit any lifestyle!